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TFI Fresh Produce

Your customers will reward you for choosing fresh, consistently high quality produce by importing directly from Thomas Foods International Fresh Produce. Our cold chain management from harvest to packing is focused on freshness. Plus, we have partnered with international plant breeders to secure exclusive rights to crop varieties that keep you at the cutting edge of consumer trends and demands.

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Thomas Foods International Fresh Produce is an Australian horticulture venture, specialising in growing, processing and selling potatoes for domestic and export markets, with operations in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.
However, the TFI Fresh Produce team also grows, processes, and sells pumpkins, carrots, onions, melons, and soft fruits.

The difference fresh makes

Your customers can make dishes with “wow factor” because Thomas Foods International Fresh Produce not only gets our products to you through a state-of-the-art supply chain, but we produce exclusive varieties crafted for a range of cooking requirements.
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